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Where Did Double Juicy Come From??

We were on a spring break trip in Destin, FL.  It was cold and windy - not a great day on the water.  The charter captain was my friend and was doing everything he could to show us a good time.  We were at the last spot and started to catch a few undersized redfish.  Zane decided to put two shrimp on the hook (you know we've all done it!).  He immediately got hit and caught the biggest fish of the day.  As he's reeling it in, he screams "Fish on!  Double Juicy Baby!"  He followed that up with "Oh yeah - we're having a redfish party!!!"  We laughed and watched as he caught several more fish.  Fast forward several years as I was creating an Instagram page to show off our adventures and "Double Juicy Fishing" was born.

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