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Spring Break Sheeps - 3/20/13

We had the opportunity to take some friends fishing who were visiting Pensacola for spring break. This time of year, the sheepshead or spawning and thick in Pensacola Bay and the pass. They are held up on the rock jetties and hard structure. We fished for about 4 hours and had a great time, and caught a few fish. We also cruised the beach sandbar and had some shots of sight fishing for redfish, but they weren't cooperating.

  • Fish Targeted / Caught

    • Sheepshead

    • Redfish

  • Tactics Used

    • live and dead shrimp

    • live sand fleas

    • Small j-hooks and weighted jig-head hooks - weight depends on current - just heavy enough to keep bait on bottom

    • 1-3 foot of 20-25 lb florocarbon leader

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